June 26th, 2010

First day of school

Harry Potter theme park

Today we traveled to Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter theme park! Here are some notes:

1. EVERYONE wants to see the park. So, there's a HUGE line! We got there at 9:15AM and ended up waiting almost 50 minutes to get in.

2. It was SUPER DUPER HOT! (It was 110 with the heat index). Literally, I was melting.

3. The Harry Potter people made sure that all the details were there. From carvings in the stone to ensuring that the staff members were wearing wool sweaters (those poor people!) 

4. They had all the stores and shops in Hogsmeade set up as we had visualized them in the books (and saw them in the movies). It was pretty neat. They ensured that they had chocolate frogs, caludron cakes and hundreds of other items. It was sweet.

5. The butterbeer was pretty good. It was a mixture of cream soda and butterscotch. It was expensive, but we did get the keepsake "Hogsmeade" cup as well. The pumpkin juice wasn't bad either - very apple cinnamon flavored.

6. There are only three rides, and they're pretty intense. However, they haven't worked out all the kinks yet. For two of the three rides they were shut down for a bit while we were on line to repair them. (It was about 20 minutes or so before they were fixed).

7. The room and the spaces were all very small. They didn't plan that well to have hundreds of people in such small spaces. The rooms and shops are not made for more than 30 people at a time.

Overall, it was a very fun experience. I am glad that I went and I had fun. However, in the future it's important to remember to bring lots of water and maybe go in the winter :)