June 24th, 2010

First day of school

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Today we spent the day exploring Charleston! 

It started this morning with our trip out to Fort Sumter. We took the 30 minute ferry and had about an hour to walk around. We listened to the guide for about 20 minutes and then wandered. It's run by the National Park Service and very well organized. The guide was also really interesting and told us all about the flags and when Fort Sumter was bombed during the Civil War.

We took the ferry back and then headed over to the South Carolina Aquarium (which was actually next to the ferry station for Fort Sumter.) The Aquarium was very nice - really kid friendly. The only thing that we were upset about was that they kept advertising the traveling penquin exhibit. Sadly, it was only four penquins. I mean, I know it's a traveling exhibit, but four penquins is a bit lame. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves.

We then went to the straw market and the downtown shopping area. We walked around for about two hours and bought some postcards. They did have some very cute stuff though - including straw hats, baskets, jewerly and crafts.

Due to the hot weather we decided to take a driving tour of Rainbow Road (all the beautifully painted houses) and Battery Park (it used to be Battery Fort). It was a good idea to drive and Charleston has some beautiful landscape.

Now we're back in the hotel relaxing and going to bed soon. We're getting up really early to drive to Orlando to meet up with the girls! Florida here we come!

(Below is a picture from Fort Sumter from the top. That's the inside of the fort)