June 19th, 2010

First day of school

Woohoo! Hello Summer!

Apparently, there's a tradition here where on the last day of school when the final bus load of students are called all the teachers go outside and sing:

"Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!" 
(They sing this while performing a kick line)

All the students get a wave and shout goodbyes and summer has officially started.

I am actually at school today - it's my last workday. I have some paperwork to finish and some cleaning to do. But, at 3:30PM today - SUMMER VACATION! WOO!
First day of school


The principal called me a few minutes ago and told me that I can announce that everyone can leave at 1:30! Hello summer!


Here's my summer itinerary for those who don't know it:

Sammi’s Summer Adventures!

June 14-18: Last week of School

June 21st: Drive out to VA beach, stay at the Bargers

June 23rd: Drive to Charleston, SC

June 23-25th: Stay in Charleston, SC

June 25th: Drive to Orlando, meet up with Tracey and Rory

June 26th: Universal Studios (Harry Potter Park!)

June 27th: Leave from Port Canaveral on cruise

June 27th – July 4st: Cruise!

June 28th: At sea

June 29th: Labadee, Haiti

June 30th: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

July 1st: George Town, Grand Caymon

July 2nd: Cozumel, Mexico

July 3rd: At Sea

July 4th: Dock in Port Canaveral – drive out to see Carly (Spend Sunday night at Carly’s)

July 5th – July 7th: Savannah, Georgia

July 7th: Drive back to VA beach, drop Vanessa off, go back to Mathews. Spend the night in Mathews organizing life.

July 8th: Drive to Chestertown, MD (stay overnight at CTY)

July 9th: Drive to NY (Dye Mom’s hair)

July 10th: Fly out to Bill (6:30AM flight from JFK)

July 10th – July 23rd: Visiting Bill in CA

July 23rd: Fly back to NY (Get in to JFK 10:28PM)

July 24th – July 25th: Amreeta’s wedding

July 26 – August 4th: NY!

August  5-6th: Scott’s Wedding in MA