June 5th, 2010

First day of school

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Last night my lovely roommate and I were driving to the movies and we heard a loud noise. We were unsure about what it was until we stopped and noticed the 6 inch crack in my windshield. Here's the conversation that followed:

V: "It could have been a meteor."
Me: "A meteor?! Really?!"
V: "It could happen."
Me: "Yes, a meteor could come from the sky and totally take out my windshield."
A: "Wouldn't it be called a meteorite? I think meteors just float around the sky."
Me: "Fine, a meterorite came down from the sky and totally hit my windshield at 5:30."
V: "They don't work on a schedule! They live up in space and don't care what time it is."
Me: "Now we can refer to things as 'before the meteor' and 'after the meteor.'"
V: "That could be AM and PM - 'after the meteor' and "pre-meteor."
A: "It's still a meterorite."

Needless to say, I have a six inch crack in my windshield. Geico is coming to fix it on Tuesday while I'm in school.