December 29th, 2009

First day of school

A weekend getaway!

As my holiday gift, Bill booked us a weekend getaway in San Fransisco! We left on Christmas and drove the 5ish hours. We spent Friday night at the Air Force Inn on the base nearby (it was a lovely inn)

On Saturday we went to Napa Valley. We were staying at a lovely B&B and spent the morning wandering town and taking part on the wine tastings. We took a nap in the afternoon and then for dinner took the "Wine Train" which was a little disappointing because it did not, in fact, including wine. Strange indeed. But, the dinner was good.

On Sunday we got up and had a professional massage (very fancy) and then drove to the Jelly Belly factory! That's right, we learned how Jelly Belly jellybeans were made! :) (It was really neat!) We then headed into downtown San Fransisco and had lunch at BurgerMeister. We walked for a bit and then started our 5+ hour trip home. We stopped several times, and finally made it home around 9pm. All in all, a lovely weekend adventure!