November 12th, 2009

First day of school

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain...

So, Mathews county (where I live) is in a state of emergency. Yup, tons and tons of rain. It all started last night...

It started raining yesterday morning and the news people said that it was a Nor'Eastern. Well, when I left work around 4:30ish it was bad, but not horrible. Throughout the night it apparently rained a LOT more and got quite windy. When we woke up this morning, we found that the area around our house was completely flooded.

I called school (which was not cancelled) and said that I couldn't come in. There's about a foot of water on the road in front of the house, and poor Felix (my car) can't handle that. Vanessa actually had school cancelled so we spent the morning making some food and preparing in case the power goes out. Turns out the roads are worse than we thought- my school was closed early and the kids had a half day.

So, we've spent the day cleaning, watching tv and doing some work. It's pouring and windy outside. But, we still have power and it's nice inside, so all is well :)