October 20th, 2009

First day of school

What a day it was...

Today was a special day. Let's star at the beginning:

This moring I left a little bit later than usual (apparently, it was near dawn) and while driving I was almost taken out by a deer. I was driving along the road into town and out of nowhere this deer is coming right at the my driver's side door. I swerved to the right and almost went into a ditch and in the effort to move to the left (and not fall into the ditch) my car does a figure 8. So, here I am sitting in the middle of the road backwards. Thank goodness for my Dad taking me out on the ice because I was pumping the breaks the whole time. Also, thank goodness that there were no other cars around! I called Vanessa right away who met met at the high school . The car is fine, I'm fine, but I'm now totally afraid of deer. I clearly can't leave at dawn - I have to leave before the sun comes up (which I normally do). Vanessa said that since the people hunt with dogs here, the deer run into the middle of the road.

Then when I finally got to school my clock had jumped off the wall sometime last night. There was glass (from the front of it) all over my room. It was a mess.

And, I ripped my trouser socks.