October 19th, 2009

First day of school

Say No to Drugs Week

Well, apparently it's "Say No to Drugs Week"

Today was Hat day... I wore Andrew's newsboy hat. The children all asked me about my hat and I started singing "Newsies." They didn't get it.

Tomorrow is "Sports Team Day." Of course I'm wearing Hofstra gear.

Wednesday is "Crazy sock day" so I'm wearing knee highs and capris... it'll be a good look.

Thursday is "Wear Red Day," that's easy enough.

Friday is "Jeans day," also really easy :) 
First day of school

Our lovely phone...

Vanessa and I answer our phone, "Thank you for calling Sammi and Vanessa, how may we direct your call?" Our answering machine is, "You've reached Sammi and Vanessa's, Sammi and Vanessa's house phone - leave a message!" 

Usually that scares away all our crazy telemarketers.

But today was differnet.

Vanessa got home before me and listened to the message first. Here's what is said,

"Hello. This is a customer calling - why haven't you put out your pumpkin spice donuts at your convience store? Are you planning on doing that? Please call me back at (insert number here) and give me a response."
We decided that it's not a crank call because it's an older gentleman who clearly just wants to know about his donuts. Doesn't the world want to know about the pumpkin spice donuts?! I know I do.