August 30th, 2009

First day of school

Gotta love Sunday...

After yesterday's crazy adventures we're spending the day cooking, cleaning and writing lesson plans...we know how to live :) 

I also "slept in" meaning that I slept until 8:30! WOAH! :)
First day of school

My roommate is soooooooo smart!

Today Vanessa (using her Masters in Tech. Ed) figured out how to fix the telephone. That's right, she went out and played with wires (something I'm not allowed to do) Due to her genius we know have a working landline! Woohoo! (Two in fact, one in the front room and one in the back room)

A very exciting day indeed. Also, I recorded a lovely answering machine message that resembles the cell phone message that I used to have (many people were sad that I had to change it, but I do need to be a grownup sometimes). So, please feel free to call our landline and listen to the message. (You could leaves us a message too)