August 29th, 2009

First day of school

Interesting neighbors...

So, Vanessa and I were shopping/wandering all day and we returned about 20 minutes ago to find that our mailbox was fixed and up. We were quite confused because when we left it was still on the ground. We decided that one of the neighbors must have fixed it.

First we went across the street, but no luck. She did inform us that her phone line was fuzzy, so it must be caused by the box. (We have to call Verizon and yell because we still have no landline... we believe it's because of the box) 

Then we went next door and it turns out that the father (there's a family living there) fixed his and ours. Not only did he pound out the dents, but he also put the pole back up and reinforced it. Very nice guy. They did like Chuckie's idea about putting a can of paint on top. They also told us that it was a blue car (the paint was on the pole) so we're on the hunt for a blue car with no headlights.

Strangely, it appears that the entire neighborhood slept through the entire incident.