July 27th, 2009

First day of school


I think I'm setting a new record with the number of states that I'm in throughout the summer... so far we have:
1. Seattle
2. Alaska
3. Virginia
4. Maryland
5. Delaware
6. Pennsylvania
7. Illinois
8 New York
9. New Jersey

That's it so far... summer's not over yet. I've hit a large chunk of the East coast... nice.
First day of school


I spent this past weekend in Chicago! Even though I have a horrible head cold, it was still great fun! We went all over downtown (including a hop-on/hop-off tour which was wonderful), ate an original deep dish pizza and saw the Harry Potter exhibit at the museum of Science and Technology! All in all, a lovely trip!

I'm going to only put up one picture - the rest are on facebook. Here we are at the giant bubble thing in Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is a world-class venue for award-winning public art and architecture, and performances of all genres. The 24.5 acre park hosts free family-friendly festivals and other diverse programs throughout the year, making it one of Chicago’s most popular destinations.