January 28th, 2009

First day of school

Student Teaching Day 1: COMPLETE!

I listed my facebook status as surviving my first day of student teaching - I got some responses that made me smile:


Sammi survived student teaching day 1! 7:23pm - Comment
 Krystin Arrgh at 7:29pm January 28
lol how was it?
 Laura Fanelli at 7:34pm January 28
:) where are you?
 Natalie Kramer Korsavidis at 7:37pm January 28
YAY. Glad to hear the students didn't eat you alive or you didn't run from the room screaming. Keep up the good work!
 Sammi Rozakis at 7:39pm January 28
I'm at Sea Cliff Elementary on the North Shore - it was wonderful! :) And to Natalie - I'm running a book group who's reading The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room by Patricia Reilly Giff!
 Christie Pearsall at 7:48pm January 28
congras! I am sure you'll be great... the kids will love you! you'll have to fill me in as you go along!
 Susan White at 7:58pm January 28
Oh congrats! I can't imagine you being anything but fantastic, but good luck with it all the same! =)
 Emily Drach Graham at 8:00pm January 28
I'm sure you did a great job, you are wonderful with kiddos!! :)
 Vanessa Barger at 8:49pm January 28
 Lauren Kelly at 10:33pm January 28
Congratulations! How did it go?
 Sammi Rozakis at 10:36pm January 28
It went well - tiring, but well. Only 16 more weeks to go!