July 31st, 2008

First day of school

I keep going MIA...

Usually during the summer I'm so good about updating my live journal daily with the craziness that is CTY... this summer I just have so much going on that it's tough! Usually when I remember to update I'm either lying in bed or no where near a computer.

Nonetheless, here I am updating now:

Yesterday (actually Tuesday night to this morning) was my day off! Bill took the same day so we spent a lovely day together. It started off with sleeping in and then video games. We got lunch in the cafeteria and then went and saw "Step Brothers" which wasn't that bad. It was basically "Superbad" with more bad language. Totally worth $5.

We got out of the movies around 3:00PM and then headed to the infamous Maryland outlets (about 30 minutes down the road) They weren't bad, but since we are still in Maryland, there's sales tax on clothing (that's no fun) We walked around there for a bit and then returned to campus to freshen up and grab a bit to eat.

Bill had a friend (James) stationed at the Dover Air Force base, so we drove out there and hung out with him and a bunch of his friends. We were at this place called "The Lobby House" which was basically a bar meets Applebees. It was very cute and they had a trivia contest going on too. We hung out for about two hours and then drove back. We did end up getting horribly lost (we ended up on 302.... no idea where that is!) but made it back around 11:30 and then we both crashed.

Today we pretty uneventful - breakfast, RA meeting, trip to Roses, etc. I went swimming tonight (Vanessa wasn't feeling well) and I just finished my rounds. Now, onto sleep!