July 19th, 2008

First day of school

Intersession fun!

So last night kicked of intersession and there are NO KIDS THERE! Woohoo! (Until tomorrow, when 219 show up... but that's a day away!)

Last night we started with crab fest where we had blue Maryland crabs. They were pretty good, but a lot of work! I ended up eating about 4 of them. Then a big group of us headed over to the Chester 5 to see "Dark Knight." I found it pretty scary (the Joker was just creepy), but it was totally worth $7. Afterwards we stopped by Superfresh and then headed back to the campus. We went over to the dance party in Howard B for a bit and then crashed.

Today Vanessa and I got up and drove out to Dover for "official business." AKA: We went shopping :) We actually went on the supply run to Micheal's and Office Max, but then we went over to the mall and hung out for a bit. We shopped, got lunch and then headed back. We did get a bit turned around though and ended up just where we started... it was very odd. But, we did make it back and now we're finishing up some paperwork before Matt and I have to give another campus tour at 3:30.

Tonight we have our full RA meeting at 8:00PM and then 219 children come tomorrow... yay for a free day :)