June 27th, 2008

First day of school

A wonderful evening!

Today was actually pretty good - training went very well with the RAs and we have an exciting bunch of people! Most of them were RAs or TAs at some point, so that makes it a lot easier. We did a full afternoon of stuff (today was a lot of talking, but we broke it up with some ice breakers and games.) We were done a bit early and we had a new RA come in, so we went over everything with her and then had our all staff. We went to dinner then and afterwards a huge group of us (about 25) went on an adventure!

Now, there's not much to do in Chestertown, but we did have fun. We started by going to Roses to check things out and pick up some stuff that was forgotten. We walked around there for a bit and then headed over to the Chester 5 to see "Wall-E" which was very cute! I liked it very much :) Afterwards we came back and walked over to get Ritas. It was lovely :) Now we're back in the office just taking care of some last minute stuff for tomorrow's training.