June 25th, 2008

First day of school

I'm at CTY! :)

Hello All! I am in Chestertown (and have been since Monday) but things have been a bit insane due to unpacking, organizing and getting ready for the staff to arrive tomorrow! Let's see...

We got here Sunday night and Vanessa, Matt and I stayed in Howard (our rooms weren't ready yet) We moved Bill and Andrew in and all went out to the $6 Chinese food place for dinner. We got back, met the rest of the staff and hung out.

Monday we spent the day getting our keys, moving our stuff into our real rooms and unpacking the POD. We actually got all of RA Heaven set up by 6:00PM too! It looks very snazzy! (There are pictures up on facebook) I organized it and Matt made some lovely signs to label it all.

Yesterday we spent most of the day organizing the office with signs and doortags (all fitting in with our Pirate Theme of course!) and organized our buckets of supplies for the RAs (Each hall gets a bucket of random stuff to help entertain the kids if we call activities due to rain or heat). After dinner we did a supply run out to Dover which went well - a bit insane, but still good. Matt, Ryan and I went to Sam's club and then we all met up again and went over to Walmart (we had more success at Walmart, but we did get construction paper in bulk at Sam's). We got back pretty late (around 10:45ish) and unloaded the van. Then we unpacked everything and Matt, Vanessa and I put together our RA buckets while Bill and Andrew pumped up all our balls with our new pump. We all crashed pretty soon after that.

Today we had a staff meeting at 9ish and then Matt and I were doing random work for the main office (decorating and such) and then Bill, Matt and I went over to try to figure out how to turn our cell phones on. We had lunch and returned to the office. Matt and I just finished the nights off schedule, the meal times and the RA classes. Now we're hanging for a bit before we get started on our next round of work. Always an adventure!