June 12th, 2008

First day of school

Random news...

So, I got an interesting phone call yesterday from JHU (John's Hopkins) Residential Staff. They called to offer me a Dean of Residential Life job in Saratoga Springs for this summer. It's a bit more money and it's an old site (students are 7-10 grade). I was highly recommended from Alden and apparently didn't really need an interview (which is funny because I was never interviewed for the SRA position - I was just sort of given it) The interesting part was this part of the conversation:

JHU Guy: "We understand that your significant other also works at Chestertown with you."
Me: "Yes, my boyfriend if the RPA with me."
JHU Guy: "Well, we're willing to offer him an RPA position at Saratoga Springs as well so you two can still be together."

Interesting indeed. They want me so badly I can bring Bill.

I passed on the offer - mainly because I don't want to work at an older site and I enjoy the people more at Chestertown, but it was nice to be considered.