May 20th, 2008

First day of school

Sammi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I'm not having a good day.

1. My car was towed this morning by Public Safety who said that they put a notice on everyone's car last week that they were paving the lot, yet no one seemed to get the notice. So, when I woke up this morning and couldn't find my car, it wasn't pretty. Needless to say, Public Safety got an earful.

2. My bulletin board attacked me. It feel down and almost took out my hand about two minutes ago.

3. I'm very cranky.

4. It's supposed to rain and I have to move out, but I can't get my car close enough to my dorm to be helpful. Also, I can't officially check out until 6:00PM.

5. I'm very cranky.

6. I'm very cranky.
First day of school

getting better...

Bill brought me a happy meal to make me feel better. He also brought a chocolate milkshake. And, I got a nifty speed racer car that makes noise.

Okay, I'm getting less cranky.