May 11th, 2008

First day of school

Shelby's Bat Mitzvah!

Well, yesterday was quite an adventure with Shelby's bat mitzvah! It started off with a three and half hour temple service (Chuck and Rebecca's water heater broke, so we where there for about an hour and a half) Shelby did a wonderful job reading her half Torah and Torah selections. Services were followed by a very yummy brunch and then we all headed home.

We have about 7 hours to kill between the services and the party  so Mom and I went and ran some errands. We went to the bank, the dollar store, Costco (stopped at home to drop off the milk), and the mall. It was a very productive afternoon! We then came home and had dinner and crashed for a bit before getting dressed. Dressing took a while, but by 7:30 we were all dressed and heading out the door. The party was at the Sands at Lido Beach, which was very lovely. There was a cocktail hour (with mini hamburgers! So cute!) and then the main hall was decorated with the theme "That's so Shelby" modeled after "That's so Raven." There was dancing, food, Bill lifting my uncle up on a chair during the horah (he didn't drop him!), more food, more dancing, etc. We also got our picture taken and framed. Overall, a very lovely evening. Shelby looked beautiful too (as did Samara!) They both looked like princesses!

We also took an entire series of pictures before we left (all of them are on facebook). Here's one of my favorites:

First day of school

Mother's Day

Two posts in one day! Woah... that's a change!

Anyway, today was mother's day and it was WONDERFUL! It started with me meeting my Mom, Chuck and Rebecca on the train (they got on at Massapequa and I got on in Merrick) and we went into NYC. Chuck and Rebecca went home, but Mom and I started our adventures by going to Canal street. We both needed new pocketbooks, so we were on a mission. After about 10 different shops (and going into 5 crazy backrooms!) we were both successful! I got two new Coach bags - the summer patchwork and the new winter patchwork (They both look really REAL too... we're not sure). Mom got a Christian Dior and a Dolce and Guban (spelled really wrong).

We spent about 45 minutes to an hour there and then subwayed to 45 street. We took a nice walk through the park and over to Lincoln Center where there happened to be a street fair! We walked up and down for a bit and then ate our lunch really fast before going to see "South Pacific" at Lincoln Center. We were in the last row, but it didn't matter because the show was WONDERFUL! The sets, costumes, and actors were amazing! It was a long show (almost three hours), but totally worth it.

We then took the subway back, got some dessert at the bakery (it was needed) and trained back. I got in around 7:30 and drove back to school. Now I'm organizing life and finishing my autism paper (due on Tuesday!) and then finals will be done! Woohoo!

So, in conclusion, my mother is a wonderful person, a day in the city is always fun and I'm almost done with my first year of graduate school!