May 3rd, 2008

First day of school

A lovely Saturday morning...

Well, I'm not sure who still reads this, but I'm getting into summer mode, so I'll be posting more. I have no idea why I'm really good about posting at CTY and never during the year - it's most likely because I made myself post.

Anyway, on Thursday I officially handed in EVERYTHING for my social studies class. Two lesson plan observation reports (8 pages each), my observation hours sheet (signed and copied at least twice), my thematic unit (totally 86 pages) and did my kindergarten presentation (with required 28 pre-made paper flowers and my kindness garden). I got a 4 out of 4 on my lesson plan reports and totally ROCKED my presentation. My professor told me that I am totally  made for kindergarten. (I apparently have a "soothing" voice... who knew?!)

I still have three other classes to finish.

SPED 246:
- 7 article/video summary reports (I have 4 done so far)

SPED 211:
- Two sets of summary questions on blackboard
- Some strange project that he posted that I have to figure out how to do

SPED 248:
- Final exam (THAT I CONVEINCED HIM TO MAKE TAKE-HOME! YES!) Basically we had to miss two classes (one for the SEGA dinner and one he had to cancel) and I really need this class (it's Autism Spectrum Disorder) so I asked if instead of using our last class to take our final we could have class. He totally agreed! Woohoo!

After that I move out on May 20th and have to continue work until June 13th. Ahhh.. the joys of graduate life.