April 10th, 2008

First day of school

Yay for spring time!

Well, I can't remember the last time that I posted, but it's spring time! The weather is lovely and I actually signed up to judge some Greek Week events just so I could sit outside! (I'm judging the Chariot Race today). Greek week is going well otherwise - t-shirts came in the other day and they're very cute (a bit girly, but I still like them) The theme this year is "Disney movies" so everything has the Disney castle on it. It says something like, "Together we can achieve it."

Classes are insane right now because everything is due in the next two-three weeks. I'm in the middle of about six different projects so I'm hoping to finish a bunch of them up this weekend. I have my two summer classes to start preparing for too and another state test in a month. I found out that I have to take between 4-6 state tests (no one is really sure about the number) so I'm not that excited. I figure two this semester, two in the fall and then two in late December before student teaching starts... oy.

In other news I'm off to Maryland in two week to see Vanessa, which I'm very excited about.  Also, Bill found out that his date was wrong, so he doesn't have to report until September. He called Alden and she offered him an RPA job. It looks like we're going to have an awesome staff this summer:

DRL: Vanessa
Female SRA: Me
Male SRA: Matt W.
RPA: Andrew B.
RPA: Bill

Yay for fun staffs! We still have no idea who the site director will be, but hopefully we'll find out soon. I'm a bit bummed that Becca is heading out to California too, but Nicole will be with her, so that works out well.