April 3rd, 2008

First day of school

wow, I missed March....

Okay, I totally missed the entire month of March... my mistake!

Things have been crazy as usual with school, work, babysitting and life in general. I have been observing in three different schools in the last three weeks (oy!) and I finally finish up my observation hours for this semester next Tuesday (I'm in Half Hallow Hills -- woohoo!)

Work is getting a bit easier because basketball season is over and we only have three lacrosse games. We still have open houses and end of the year dinners, but then I just collect the uniforms and organize for next year.

Classes are going well too -- but it seems like finals are just around the corner (and by finals I mean projects and papers) I have a lot of papers and projects to get done in the next few weeks and I'm hoping to get that done soon. On Saturday I'm taking the first of my state-wide exams, the LAST at SUNY Westbury. 80 multiple choice, 1 essay in four hours... duh duh duhhh!

Anyway, here's my quick story:

Bill left me a giant cookie on my desk (which I HAD to eat). So, I was walking into the dorm eating this big cookie and I got into the elevator. This girl gets in with me looking frazzled. So, I offered her a piece of my cookie. She looked like I had just saved her life... so I figured she was a law student (they stress a lot). It turns out that she's an elementary ed. student who lives on the second floor! How random! :) And now, I have a new friend thanks to my cookie :)