February 11th, 2008

First day of school

Okay, I admit it -- forgot about the live journal...

Okay, so I completely forgot about my live journal. Things have been a bit insane though, so I think it's okay.

1. India was wonderful! I saw some lovely things (including the Taj Mahal) and did get a lot of sleep. I took 7 rolls of real film, and have now started to scrapbook them.

2. Classes are going well, but 4 grad classes are a lot of work! Between observation hours, readings, papers, and projects, my evenings are spent doing homework. Plus, I have class on Monday night now, which is a bit insane because I work, then babysit and then go to class... long day indeed.

3. My boss quit. Yup, just gave her two weeks and leaves on Wednesday. So, I have a new boss, but basically I'm doing all the paperwork and grunt work now. Always fun.

4. Valentine's Day is coming and I finally have a Valentine! Bill and I have dinner plans, but he won't tell me where. (He likes the surprise)

5. Vanessa is coming to visit this weekend! YAY! We're going to see Shakespeare at the BAM Theatre, see the Cloisters and museum hop and go to "Mary Poppins" as her birthday gift. I can't wait! :)

6. I've started a new series -- the "Twilight" books by Stephanie Meyer. They are fantastic! I couldn't put the first one down (I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning on Friday night to finish it) I just started the second one yesterday. I highly recommend them!

That's all I've got for now. I have about 45 minutes left at work and then I'm going to babysit. :)

Happy Monday!