January 12th, 2008

First day of school

Greetings from Houston!

Hello from Houston! Here I am sitting in Becca's apartment watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and relaxing. But, let's start at the beginning:

I got to the airport yesterday at 11:30 for my 1:10 flight. Well, my flight boarded at 1:10, and we finally rolled out around 1:20. However, due to weather we were not able to actually take off until 3:15PM. (I actually fell asleep and woke up and thought we were there... however, we hadn't even left yet!) So, we finally took off and arrived at 6:00PM (instead of 4:15). I missed the basketball game at Becca's school, but it was okay. We went to dinner at Pappasito's (Mexican food!) And it was quite delicious! We got back to the apartment around 9ish and watched a bit of television before crashing.

Today we got up at 8:00AM and showered/dressed. For breakfast we went to the House of Pies (not 3.14159, but Pie with and e) and had a hearty breakfast. Afterward we went to China... and it only cost $5! Actually, we went to the Forbidden Gardens In Katy, TX. We watched the 22 minute movie on China, walked around, and then took the walking tour around the area. They had a few thousand terra cotta soldiers and the entire replica of the Forbidden City. It was quite entertaining! From there we traveled back to Houston and had lunch at Becca's favorite BBQ place - Baker's Ribs. I had a turkey sandwich and yum! Then we drove to the Water Wall in downtown Houston (it's a wall about 60 feet tall with a water fountain rushing over it!) We walked around there for a bit and then took a pit stop at Barnes and Nobles (Becca had a lot of gift cards). We spent about 45 minutes in there going through stuff on sale. Then we headed out to Humble, TX to the Mercer Arboretum. It's a very large place and had a wide variety of plants. We walked around and took some lovely pictures. The arboretum closed at 5:00PM sharp so we headed over to dinner at the Potatoe Patch -- known for throwing rolls at you. It was a very cute place and for $30 we got soooo much food (most of which we took home!) We also got four rolls and three muffins (They don't throw the muffins at you,  they hand them to you). After dinner we headed back to the apartment and we are now watching our movie. In a bit we're going to Sonic to get smoothies! (We don't have Sonic's in NY and they're always showing advertisments!)

Anyway, just an update :) I'll be back in NY tomorrow!