January 2nd, 2008

First day of school

Stealing Rebecca's Idea

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2007. Post the first line (or so) of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review."

Well, 2007 is finally here! This will be a year of studying abroad, finishing college, going to graduate school, figuring out what to do with my life... totally an important year.

Last night Justin and I went into the city and saw "The Producers" with Tony Danza and Hunter Foster. We had dinner at Ollie's first, saw the show, came back, got ice cream and collapsed. Hofstra also won the Men's basketball game and Loren Stokes is one point away from hitting 2000 points. Craziness indeed!

I'm getting over being sick, so I'm moving a lot slower than usual. I spent the past four day hiding out at home resting. And now, back to the craziness.

Miss Jenn and I went to South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) Aren't we cute?
And some of my favorite quotes:
- "I could never make out with a southern boy...I would giggle every time he talked"
- "In the Tikki Tikki Tikki room..."

Okay, let's see... here are some updates:
1. 15 days until Graduation! WOOO!
2. I'm currently attending both Hofstra graduate school and UMass Amherst. (I'm waiting to hear on graduate positions, so I'm going to both as of now)
3. I have a boyfriend. His name is Bill and he's cool. :)
4. Only one more class left and then five finals!
5. My last RA program is on Monday.
6. Co-curricular awards and the Dutch Festival are tomorrow. (I'm a Who's Who Among American College Students)
I think that's about it for now :)

his weekend Bill and I went to Washington DC to visit Ms. Rory :) We arrived there around lunch time yesterday and set off! We went to the Air and Space Museum, took pictures by the capital building (see above), went through the National Art Museum, put our feet in the fountain in front of the Archives, went back to the Air and Space Museum (to see Dorothy's shoes and R2D2), saw the Washington Monument, the World War II memorial, Lincoln and the reflecting pool, the Vietnam Memorial, the White house and then had dinner at the Hard Rock cafe. Whew! Craziness indeed!

This morning I overslept a bit and Vanessa and I went to breakfast at 8:30 (which was lovely actually, so we're doing it again tomorrow morning). Then I went to the office and spent the morning doing paperwork and picking up children to visit their parents (totally not my job... but, I did it anyway.) I grabbed lunch, then went over to Pirate Olympics, which went very well. Rae and I ran "Pirate Says" (like Simon Says, but with pirate terms including hit the deck, walk the plank, salute your captain, etc.) We had a lot of fun, but my voice hurts.

Well, CTY is winding down… only three days to go. (Two days with the kids).
Today was pretty good though – got up, showered, ate breakfast, watched Hazara and Krystal’s halls, went to hand-off, had the RA meeting and then went back to the office to work on the staff yearbook and do evaluations of the RAs. Now, it just so happened that 8 of the 9 female RAs (I write the evals for the girls) signed up today. So, I was up a bit late last night finishing them off, but never fear, it was done!

Okay, a crazy weekend indeed. Between activities, errands, starting school work and pep band music (we just made about 70 folders of pep band music for each instrument... ahhh!)

How to scare your suitemate:
Step 1: Become the Graduate Assistant for Spirit Support so you are in charge of the mascots
Step 2: Get a laundry card to wash mascot suits
Step 3: Bring mascots to your dorm room and wash in washing machine
Step 4: Hang mascots in bathroom to dry
Step 5: Wait for suitemate to return and don't warn her that mascots are in the bathroom.


All day long I've been wandering around trying to figure out why everyone is writing "November 2nd" on everything. It just hit me a few minutes ago... it's November 2nd.
I think this means that I need more sleep.

Now, if only I had a window by my desk to watch it... hmmm