December 31st, 2005

First day of school

Here I am at JMU!

So, here I am at JMU! Rory and I follwed Jacky up here yesterday! We left around 10am and got here around 4:30ish (We had one 10 minute stop for gas and took a mini-driving tour around campus! It's so pretty here! They have hills and animals and some snow... only in places where there isn't much sun.

Anyway, so we went over to Jacky's apartment, which is amazing! I totally want to transfer here just for the apartment! :) There are four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a kitchen, common room and porch... lovely indeed! So, we sat around for a bit and then went over to Chili's for dinner! (I had soup and french fries... very healthy indeed) We then took a trip to Barnes and Nobles and SUPERWALMART! Duh duh duhhhh! It's very large... very large indeed.

At this point it was around 8PM, but we were all really tired, so we came back, put on our pjs and watched many episodes of "America's Next Top Model" before heading to bed. Now we're all awake, and getting ready to venture out into Virginia once again!

Happy New Year all! :)