December 25th, 2005

First day of school

happy holidays! :)

            Okay, so it’s Christmas and raining out. That just seems wrong. It’s also 54 degrees out, also wrong. But oh well!


            Anyway, here I am on duty. Let’s start with yesterday: I meet Dad at the blood center to give blood, however there was one small problem. My iron count was 11.5 and 11.6 when it was supposed to be 12.5… so not even close. Oh well, I tried. I hung out with Dad until he was done and then headed home. It was actually a pretty productive Saturday! I cleaned out all my clothes, folded my laundry and packed it up, watched a movie, did some paperwork and other randomness. We had a nice family dinner (with a big piece of meat) and then Daddy and I drove around for about an hour and a half looking at lights. Snow globes were the new thing this year, but we only counted about 30 of them. Also, they were hard to see into because the snow was sticking to the front part. We did see over 140 blow-up items in general though.


            So, I went to sleep and left Santa an orange and class of water (he’s on a diet). I woke up today around 8ish and let my parents sleep until 9ish. We all opened presents and that was fun. Chuckie and I gave Mom the framed picture of us and Dad got “The Pretender” on DVD. We have two more gifts for them each, but Chuckie has them. I got a glitter glue back, a new datebook, new headphones (I broke the others), a camera case (woohoo!), some giftcards, a heart necklace, the next book by Gregory Maguire (which I can’t wait to read!), a scrapbook, a DVD player (which I’m currently working on setting up), and a few other things that I can’t remember at this moment. It was fun.


            Then I baked cookies, showered, dressed and we headed over to Uncle Richie’s and Aunt Felice’s. We had a nice dinner (there was meat), sat around, talked about randomness, exchanged gifts (I got a new silver bracelet from Yaya and a watch from Uncle Richie, Aunt Felice and Adam) and then had a really yummy dessert!


            I returned back to school and here I am… fighting with my DVD player and putting away my other gifts.


            I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. J