December 23rd, 2005

First day of school

I'm in the RA office...

So, here I sit on duty in the RA office. So far I've seen Sean, Morgan and Simon and I believe that's everyone in North! Oh well, I'll still do rounds and such.

Anyway, I exchanged gifts with Jillian, Derek and Joey Naps today. I gave Jillian a care bear CD holder and some My Little Ponies (oh yeah, we played with them -- we braided their hair!) and she got me a Vera Bradley change purse... very cute :) I got Derek a hand-held Poker game and he got me a desk calendar and organizer thingy and I got Joey Naps some comics. Now, every year Joey Naps gets me something really pretty that proves that he has better taste than I do. And this year, without fail he did it once again. A combination of birthday/christmas I got a Tommy Girl perfume set and a beautiful brown sweater set! He really does have great taste. :)

Now here I sit, with my pasta and meatballs, juice box and movies to entertain me. Tomorrow I'm giving blood with Daddy, cleaning my clothes at home and at night we're driving around to look at lights. Always exciting! :)