December 17th, 2005

First day of school

I got a package!

So I picked up Rob and Danielle at the train station, then stopped at Dutch Treats for milk and came back to the dorm to study once more. But before I return to my room I decided to check my mailbox and see if I had any mail. Well, I had a PACKAGE!

Now, who would send me a package? And, it was from MI! I thought for a few moments, who do I know there? Not a clue! So I opened it up and found the new Allister CD "Before the Blackout." Well, I had no memory of ordering it and sat for a moment to ponder.

Then it hit me -- MATT! Matt W. and I had talked about Allister and how I didn't have the newest CD. So, i called him right now (I also learned that if I call his room I have to ask for Matt #1) and thanked him.

So, in conclusion, I <3 MATT W! :) And, I also love mail. :)