November 29th, 2005

First day of school

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I like to dance in the rain, sing at the top of my lungs, watch movies all night, stay up talking until 4am, spend hours hiding in a dark room, see the sun rise, take long walks at night, watch the stars, sit on the beach and listen to the waves, splatter paint, take black and white pictures, lay in the sun, wander around museums, drive aimlessly, go to diners at 2am just for a cup of tea, and talk about anything and everything that comes to my mind.


First day of school

Why I'm an RA...

ChrisGood: by the way, u dont have to comment, i love u
SammiRo: aw... i love you too babe
ChrisGood: no seriously i do though
ChrisGood: ur the nicest person ive ever met
SammiRo: thanks babe
SammiRo: and it's because of you and your room that i love my RA job
ChrisGood: oh stop
ChrisGood: i told my parents how much i loved hofstra, due to how much i loved my RA's

I <3 my RA job :)

First day of school

I watched cartoons this morning...

I had a nightmare last night. It was confusing and I woke up really scared because I couldn't get image out of my head. I ended up watching cartoons for a while until I felt better, but for the rest of the day I've been sort of out of it and scared. Never good indeed.