November 28th, 2005

First day of school

Late night convos with Matt rock...

Talking about names and such...

SammiRo: yeah... well, you'd have to become amazing to fit your name
SammiRo: i think people grow into their name
SammiRo: if your name is eugene, you're geeky
SammiRo: it's a rule
SammiRo: i have never met a cool eugene
chU c K ie2: haha
chU c K ie2: and i've never met an uncool sammi
chU c K ie2: truthfully
SammiRo: hmm... true
chU c K ie2: and it seems like all matthews end up being similar
chU c K ie2: i'll agree with that theory

chU c K ie2: i like xander
SammiRo: ohh yes
SammiRo: i've always liked jared
chU c K ie2: jared is pretty cool
chU c K ie2: with your new york accent it probably even sounds better
SammiRo: jared sounds different with a new york accent?
SammiRo: william or just will?
chU c K ie2: will.
chU c K ie2: of course, it would have to be william..
SammiRo: well, not really
SammiRo: you could just make it will
chU c K ie2: but it just doesnt.. really.. work for me
chU c K ie2: even though i'd go and name my kid william williamson if my wife let me :P
SammiRo: LOL!!!
chU c K ie2: i think it has a ring to it
SammiRo: your kid might hurt you
chU c K ie2: will "Will williamson" please stand up
SammiRo: will will!
chU c K ie2: *ill will will
First day of school

bummer! :(

Ben Folds U.S. Fall Tour
Dates are all ages except where noted
Hempstead, NY Hofstra University
- JC Adams Playhouse
** PLEASE NOTE ** This show has been cancelled due to illness

bummer :(