November 20th, 2005

First day of school

It was a UMass filled weekend...

            So, the UMass invasion is over! And boy was it crazy!


            Let’s start at the beginning: Friday morning I get up, and then I met with Lisa and Mike to work on Lisa’s movie. It’s really cute! Mike and I are running a show called, “Hand Talk,” which is all about sign language and it’s the holiday special. Very cute indeed. So, we practiced that for a bit and then they headed on their way. Then I went over to visit Jenny Beaudry and drop off her homecoming crown and sash. Well, we ended up talking (she lives with Gordo too) and I was there for about an hour and a half. Then Joey Naps and I met up and we studied accounting and QM for a bit. After that I had about an hour before I had to head over to the basketball game to help the mascots. (I was playing grad assistant for the night and helping Grant and Kara, who were the mascots for the night) Well, we started at the women’s basketball game, but we also hit up the volleyball game and the soccer match.


            So, I’m at the soccer match and David and gang made great time, so they got here around 9ish (I was still at the soccer match, so they met me there) It was David, ScubaSteve (aka Kate), CymbolJohn, and Melissa. We hung out at the game for a bit, but then the mascots were done, so I helped them change and we headed back to the dorm. At this point we decided that it was time to eat, so we headed out. I figured we’d go to the diner, but on the way there we passed Hooters, so we went there. It was an exciting experience, that involved cheese fries. J Then we returned to school, put on “Pleasantville” and all passed out.


            Saturday morning at 10:30AM we get a phone call from Scott (who’s on the bus heading to Hofstra) saying that he needs pants. Well, everyone was still tired, but David and I headed over to Target and bought pants. Scott’s only requirements were that they were jeans and a 32,34. We went to the jeans section, and found shiny pants… they’re great. However, odd things are always purchased in Target – so what did we buy? A “Hello Kitty” waffle maker. And waffle mix. And syrup. So, David and I returned victoriously to the dorm and we all got ready for the game. We headed over to the stadium, but the UMass bus had no arrived yet, so everyone hung out with the Hofstra band for a bit. Then, the football game commenced.


            Motley let Stef, Erin, Laura and myself walk over to the other side of the stadium to say hi to the UMass pep band and we visited for a few. Then we returned to our side and hung out. It was “Senior Day”, so at halftime Erin and I got to walk Laura on the field. It was really nice. Then it was food time and the UMass tubas came to visit! That was quite exciting indeed! They tried to kidnap me, but no luck (it was okay, they were staying over).


            Now, pep band not only had a football game yesterday, but we had a men’s opening basketball game. So, we ended up leaving the football game at the beginning of the fourth quarter and went over to the Arena. It turns out we won the football game (21-10!) and while I was at the basketball game the UMass gang went over to Chuck E. Cheese’s. We got out of the basketball game (we won against FIU) and I called David to discover that they were leaving Chuck E. Cheese’s. We met up at the dorm and crashed in the room. Not only did they win a bunch of exciting prizes (including a disco ball) but they brought me back a ski ball. Yup, a big brown ski ball. I think it looks like a giant chocolate malt ball, but that’s me. J


            So, ScubaSteve and I started cooking. The “non-stick” waffle iron lied and totally stuck, so I borrowed a pan from Jon and we made pancakes too. While the cooking was going on Scott and I walked over to Dutch Treats and got milk, juice, and cookies. We returned and all sat in the lounge eating pancakes and talking. We also fed the freshman who walked by. They were showing “40-Year-Old-Virgin” at 9:30 for free, so we headed over there. We ended up sitting in the first row, which I’m sure annoyed everyone behind us, but oh well. The movie was cute and pretty funny. Oh, I also had to bring the ski ball with me. So, after it was over we rolled the ski ball around the Student Center Theatre for a bit and then ran around. We went into the student center and met some people and then ran around for a while. We ended up walking down to the far unispan and walking over there (we also rolled the ski ball down there) and wandered around campus. Basically, we wandered around for a while, which was fun. We returned to the dorm at about 1am and got ready for bed. However, because I’m RA Sammi that wasn’t the end of the night for me, and I ended up going to yell at some kids at 2am… oy! We finally ended up passing out shortly after that.


            Well, I’ve been up for about an hour and a half now and the UMass gang has left me. We got up around 8:30 (after two alarms, David finally ended up playing marching band music, which got everyone up!) and they headed out around 9am. Since then I’ve been cleaning up, organizing and working on homework. That’s my major plan for the day – studying and homework. J


            So, my weekend was lovely and the UMass people are awesome! I totally have to go visit them and rock out once again.

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