November 9th, 2005

First day of school

Countdown to Beth's wedding: 2 days

            Hmm… an actually update? Well, tons of work, studying, RA stuff, pep band stuff and this weekend is Beth’s wedding! J Alex and Allie are coming here Thursday, and Friday we’re going to Becca’s to drop Allie off and then Alex and I are continuing to PA to pick up Kim. From there we head to Ohio! (Becca and Allie are going to get Matt and then head to Ohio!) Craziness indeed! It should be an interesting adventure!


            I had some great conversations last night with Matt and Alex though that I have a need to share.


SammiRo: apparently you and i are supposed to get married

chU c K ie2: when's that and why's that?

SammiRo: whenever and i have a picture of you and i on my cty collage

SammiRo: one of my friends saw it and said we look great together

SammiRo: hence, we must get married

chU c K ie2: hehe :P

chU c K ie2: of course we look good together

chU c K ie2: you're so hott and i look amazing sexy in bandanas ;-)

chU c K ie2: and i cant wait to see you on this road trip

chU c K ie2: i dunno.. you... me... hotel room...

chU c K ie2: sounds scandalous!

SammiRo: oh baby! ;-)


And in response to that Alex said,


Alexjanderam: whoa buddy.  whoa.  whoa.  what is this? other than unacceptable.

SammiRo: you know matt and i are not getting married -- you're my hubby and i <3 you
Alexjanderam: yeah... but this hotel scandal cheating thing.  un. cool.
SammiRo: you'll be there too
SammiRo: you can watch me, make sure i don't cheat lol

SammiRo: have a great night babe
Alexjanderam: you too wife.
Alexjanderam: as long as you don't cheat.
SammiRo: i won't cheat! i promise!