October 30th, 2005

First day of school

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

            So, let’s see – I’m back from Kansas City, MO. Yes, it was tons of fun. Yes, I learned a few things. Yes, I want to go back. And Yes, they have really good BBQ. I’m going to give a basic recap because writing out the whole thing might take years…


Wednesday: We left school around 4:00, got to the airport, ate dinner and got on the plane. It was a good ride (I slept through most of it) and we arrived in Kansas City around 8:30. We took a shuttle to the hotel (this strange guy who asked us about Johnny), checked in, and wandered around for a bit. We ended up hitting up the local steak place, which was good, but after 10pm is a bit late for heavy meat. The hotel made a slight mistake with our room and we all ended up in one room with two beds instead of two rooms with three bed. They fixed it after the first night and Kim was living downstairs… we ended up pounding on the floor a lot to annoy her.


Thursday: We headed over to the convention center and checked in. We to a bunch of seminars including “Headlines and Captions,” “Time Management,” “Amazing Yearbook Tips from A-Z,” and “Building a Solid Team.” We couldn’t hear the lady in the amazing yearbook one, I scared the time management guy with my schedule and we were supposed to go leadership skills for yearbook editors instead of building a solid team, but I read the schedule wrong. All in all, an interesting day. We also ran from hotel to hotel (the convention was between three hotels – all connected with unispans) and shopped a bit. Guess what we did at night… come on, guess… give up? Well, we saw RENT THE MOVIE! Yes, you read that right! RENT THE MOVIE! It was a media convention so they had two movie premiers every night and Thursday night was RENT NIGHT! WOOHOO! Let me just say – amazing. Simply amazing.


Friday: This was our long day of seminars and we were all separated. I ended up hitting two photo seminars, and “So Much to Do, So Little Time.” We ended up missing our afternoon seminars and instead sat down and laid out the whole yearbook. We planned all the dividers, carrying the theme throughout the book and getting the staff moving. It was very productive. That night we saw “Shopgirl,” which was well done, but I think it’s for an older group of people. We returned to the hotel and shopped for a bit (we hit up one of the chocolate stores --- yum!) and then went back to the hotel room to collapse and watch a movie.  


Saturday: Well, we started out with our yearbook critique. Apparently, we need captions, and a dominate photo, and captions, captions, and oh, did I mention captions? The lady who went over the book with us was really sweet though, so that was good. Then we all went to “Digital vs. Real Cameras,” “Yearbook Budgets,” and “Thinking Like an Editor.” They weren’t bad and we were done at 1:30. So, we headed over to the WWI museum/monument. However, we got a bit lost and I was starving. So, when we got to the museum we hit up the vending machine and walked around a bit. Then we went to lunch/dinner at this fancy steak place which was really really good! Eating a piece of meat the size of my head then resulted in us walking around (I actually wanted to go to sleep, but oh well) and shopping for a bit. We got dessert at Coldstone (they have pumpkin ice cream in! Woohoo!) and went back to the hotel to change and debrief. Basically debriefing is when we go over everything that we’ve learned from the trip and if we would change anything. It went well, but it took a while. Now, we’re happening cool chicks and decided that we wanted to go out… so we walked into town (passing up the hunted house… a good idea I think) and ended up going to Starbucks and sitting outside with hot chocolate for two hours talking. We taxied back to the hotel and collapsed for the night.


Sunday: Got up (Kim called us and hour early though because she hadn’t set her clock right!) and went to the closing ceremonies. We didn’t win anything (we didn’t have captions… so sad) but it was fun. We took some pictures and headed back to the hotel where we checked out and grabbed a shuttle to the airport. We had lunch at a café and took the 2:14 plane back to NY. We got in at 5:50ish, grabbed our luggage and came back to school.


So now here I sit, waiting to register in (looks at watch) 17 minutes. I’ve been unpacking, checking my e-mail, talking to residents and just trying to catch up on everything. Tomorrow is Halloween and I’m spending the night in the yearbook office with Angela working on spreads and catching up on work – a great night indeed.


I hope everyone had a great four days!


A few quotes from the trip:


Strange shuttle driver: "Johnny was always getting into trouble"


All of us: "Generalizations"


Amanda: "TAP HIM! TAP HIM!"


Me: “What’s your favorite kind of music?!”


Strange kid on the bus who hated Hofstra: “Pretending to learn is not fun"


And many more to come…