October 23rd, 2005

First day of school

Our bus driver had no sense of direction...

Well, I just got back from Richmond and it was a long trip. We left around 6:00PM on Friday and didn’t get there until 2AM! We stopped twice (once for dinner and once for a bathroom/stretch break) but it was a LONG drive! Once we got there we all settled into our rooms and then everyone came and hung out with us for a bit. We talked and around 4AM almost everyone went over to the waffle house. Well, Laura, Stef and I stayed and talked for a bit before passing out.

Motley called at 8:30AM and we were downstairs and ready to go by 9:30AM. We drove over to the stadium and then got to take an hour and half nap on the bus (that was amazing!) The stadium was old, but not that bad. The weather was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining and not that cold. It was a close game and ended up going into double overtime where they finally beat us. All in all, not a bad time.

We got back on the bus and left around 5PMish and I passed out once again (that’s what I did most of the trip). Around 8PM we stopped for dinner at our usual Maryland stop (it’s a cute place) and after crazy rain we made it back to school around midnight. So now here I sit, in my dorm room unpacking and getting stuff done. I’m not that sleepy because I’ve spent most of the past two days asleep on a bus. I’m sure after cleaning/unpacking for a bit I’ll be sleepy again. :)

Some great lines from the trip:

Ryan: “Cheerleader sleep time!”

Motley: (leaning over me and I wake up startled) “Oh good, you’re awake!)

Motley: (after crushing my hand in a chair) “Don’t worry, Uncle Motley will make it all better.” <-- Laura and I decided that that’s really creepy!
First day of school

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

These are some pictures from my crazy trip to Boston to see Alex...

That's Alex and I with my "Beware of Penguin" sign... he's a penguin. I'm sure you can tell. :)

Not really sure what we're doing, but it's pretty funny! :)