October 5th, 2005

First day of school

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Well, here I sit in the RA office back from Boston. Now, where did I leave off?

Alex returned around 3:30 and we went up to his room where he played on his computer and I made a few phone calls. Then we only had an hour before the we went to the aquarium so we just walked around for a bit. We went to this really quiet area in the middle of town (it was like a little sideroad -- so cute!) and then passed by the Christian Science Building. We returned to the dorm around 5ish and met up with Matt (one of his suitemates) and his girlfriend Christina. There were about 8 of us and we all took the T to the aquarium. Now, I've never been there, but it was really neat! It was "bring a college ID and get into the aquarium for free" night, so it was FULL of college kids. We ended up getting tickets to the 6:30 IMAX showing of "Sharks - Creatures of the Deep," so we looked at penquins for a bit and then headed over. It was a 3-D show, which turned out to be neat. Alex was a bit upset because there were no shark attacks, but you can't have everything. After the IMAX was over we went back into the aquarium and wandered around a bit more. I also bought my goofy gift -- a sign that says, "Beware of attack penquins!" (Alex and I took pictures with it too!)

We walked around and then headed back to school. Making a quick stop at their Dutch treats (I can't remember what it's called) we then went back to his room and made dinner. Now, I'm slowly learning to cook (key word their being slowly) so we made pasta with veggies and chicken sauteed (I think I spelled that wrong). Anyway, it was easy and very yummy! :) (We were also really hungry, so it didn't matter much). Then we ran around some more, (sidenote: Alex's roommate is "Crazy Carl"... his name is really Richard, but he made up "Crazy Carl" by himself... enough said.)

Anyway, so Alex vanished for a bit and I did some work, but when he returned he said that he wanted ice cream. Apparently they had a mini-food store open until midnight, so we were going to head over there. Now, because he is Alex he couldn't walk over... nooo. We unicycled over. Well, Alex did, I fell over. It was great to see though! He can go up and down stairs and backwards and forwards and slow and fast... AMAZING! It was great!

We went over and both got ice cream and on our return home Rockstar Becca called to announce that she is in for Beth's wedding! :) We chatted with her for a bit and then watched some strange web sites and the rest of Alex's Europe movie, "Nutella Fellas," while eating our ice cream. I only could finish half, but Alex ate the whole thing... amazing.

Yeah, so that took us to around 12:30ish and we both collapsed. I once again got to sleep in the fort... i love it!

This morning we got up around 8ish and he took me to the T. I had a few minor problems (the T was late and I couldn't figure out which bus I was on) but I finally made it. However, we ended up switching buses because the AC was broken on the first one, but it ended up being broke on the second one... ahh! It was crazy. Needless to say, I got home.

And now here I sit in the RA office covering Tim's duty because he needed to go see Twin Brother Bob (and he's taking my Tuesday one, which rocks). I'm on until 9pm and then I'm going back to my room to unpack and study for my QM test tomorrow.

I had a wonderful time in Boston. :)
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