September 26th, 2005

First day of school

random notes from a random person...

so here i sit, once again in the yearbook office. well, i do live here, so that's no surprise at all.

anyway, angela is coming soon and we're making an agenda for the meeting on wednesday.

let's see, what's new with me? hmm... nothing out of the ordinary actually. things have been pretty crazy as usual and full of fun adventures and long days of no sleep. we're moving our all-staff (battle of the building on sunday) which is nice because now i don't have to rush back here. saturday is also the samara's bat mitzah (spelled so wrong) but it shall be the party of the year! i tried on my dress and it still fits -- a bit loose, but it's still good.

umm... i have some homework to do. nothing that bad though -- mostly accounting stuff.

jillian and i have been playing phone tag for days now... it's great because we leave each other messages like we're talking to the other person. who needs to really talk when you can just leave phone messages?

yeah, that's about it. i shall return to my work now. have a lovely night all! :)