September 17th, 2005

First day of school

Becca is a Rockstar :)

            Becca came to visit today and it was sooo much fun! We did it to surprise my dad and he was totally shocked! Amazing! J She got here around 11ish and we headed home and ate lunch while waiting for Dad. He came in and just started laughing – amazing response. We all went swimming (which was wonderful because I haven’t done that in a while) and then I came back to school for the football game. The parentals, family friends and Becca came to the game, but it didn’t turn out well. After the first touchdown (about 2 minutes in) we had to pause the game because of lightening. So, we packed up all the pep band stuff and hide underneath for a while. At 8pm we started again and about 10 minutes later we scored again. Well, in comes more lightening and the suddenly, and without warning the rain comes. Yeah major rain. So, we packed up all the pep band stuff and Becca and I came back to the dorm. We had a totally awesome time online talking to CTYers and Becca told everyone else who imed me that I was kidnapped. She just left and headed home, but we shall reunite soon to see Wicked. An amazing visit indeed!


Here are some great lines from our conversation with Adam! J


Mantec02: my last task of the day is trying to creat a bookshelf out of 3 sheets of particle board

Mantec02: yeah, I don't know quite how I'm going to do this

SammiRo10: yeah - we don't think we could be much help either

SammiRo10: we think you need 5

SammiRo10: how about home depot?

Mantec02: (bookshelf with only 3 peices)

Mantec02: that's where I got it

SammiRo10: why did you only buy three?

Mantec02: well, I decided against buying more because they didn't have any

SammiRo10: that is a good reason

Mantec02: I thought so


Mantec02: lol...yeah, I just wanted something cheap, so I went to the cull lumber section

Mantec02: I also bought 5 1x8s...but that's for another project

SammiRo10: but three pieces of wood does not equal book shelf

Mantec02: 2 legs+1 surface?

SammiRo10: that is a table

SammiRo10: not a bookshelf

Mantec02: I'd settle for a table

SammiRo10: you might as well just put the books on the floor and make them look like that


SammiRo10: that is lame

SammiRo10: in our opinion

Mantec02: :o( so I'm not jesus

SammiRo10: you are not jesus - we thought you were

Mantec02: (the only famous carpenter I could think of)

Mantec02: well, not in the carpentry skill area

SammiRo10: sammi would have gone with the carpenters... the band

SammiRo10: so you are the messaiah but not the carpenter part

Mantec02: yes

SammiRo10: i guess you got the good part

Mantec02: well, I do what I can

Mantec02: I can only save your soul, I can't build your deck

SammiRo10: LOL

SammiRo10: thanks for letting us know that

SammiRo10: we will keep it in mind for next summer

Mantec02: sure thing

SammiRo10: adam's activity - Soul saving

Mantec02: I'll have business cards printed


Mantec02: on the other hand, I've discovered several ways of how not to make a bookself

SammiRo10: did you at least make a table?

SammiRo10: well that is good

SammiRo10: i think you need roger

SammiRo10: too bad he went to chicago already

Mantec02: rassafrassanogoodlousygoodfornothingstinkinfrickinfrackinungratefullittlesonofamotherless........

Mantec02 is away at 10:12:27 PM.

Mantec02 returned at 10:12:28 PM.

SammiRo10: did you drop wood on your foot?

SammiRo10: or on your computer?

SammiRo10: or on your hand?

Mantec02: times than I can count on my remaining 7 fingers

SammiRo10: ooh - poor thing

SammiRo10: give up on the bookshelf and just stack your books in a pretty design

Mantec02: I'm using stacked books to support the legs

Mantec02: and I have the table top across the legs in a quasi-pi shape

SammiRo10: oh that works except you can't actually get to those books

SammiRo10: we like pi

Mantec02: oh, for now it's just for getting the books out of my way

SammiRo10: pi with an e will be for eating, pi without an e will be the number for all things round

SammiRo10: oh... that is a good plan

SammiRo10: if i were you - i would keep your apartment covered in books, and wait until roger comes back from law school

SammiRo10: he is good and fixing problems like that

SammiRo10: he might build a wind tunnel if you ask really nicely and a hot air balloon

SammiRo10: just make sure he doesn't get close to fire

SammiRo10: bad, bad, bad with him and fire

Mantec02: hlp,,.,treppd uhndr shlf...

SammiRo10: LOL

SammiRo10: told you you should have waited for roger

SammiRo10: where is your roommate btw?

SammiRo10: he could help

Mantec02: phwew! free!


Mantec02: well, the bookshelf has officially served its purpose...there are books on top of it now

SammiRo10: does that mean that the boards are on the bottom and books are stacked on it?

Mantec02: :oÞ

Mantec02: ttpptthhpptpt

Mantec02: nope..2 legs, supported by 1 dresser, 1 bed, and 2 stackes of books underneath

Mantec02: with a healthy serving of books on top

Mantec02: nothing like killing an ant with a sledge hammer!

SammiRo10: now you can't move ANY of your furniture

SammiRo10: or sleep in your bed

SammiRo10: you must stand in the middle of the room to sleep

Mantec02: yes

SammiRo10: so that your books don't fall down


SammiRo10: we could write you top ten ways to correctly build a bookshelf

SammiRo10: #1 would be - buy an ACTUAL bookshelf

Mantec02: I'd love to hear the other 9

SammiRo10: they would all be - the same as number one... just change the location where you bought it from


Mantec02: LOL

SammiRo10: and none of them would be - buy three pieces fro home depot and use your bed and dresser

SammiRo10: #2 buy a bookshelf from ikea

SammiRo10: #3 steal a bookshelf from ikea

SammiRo10: #4 have someone else steal a bookshelf from ikea

SammiRo10: #5 take up residence in ikea so you have as many bookshelves as you possibly want

SammiRo10: #6 break into the Western shore apartments and steal a bookshelf from there

SammiRo10: #7 steal a WS key and break into the Western shore apartments and take a bookshelf from there

SammiRo10: #8 use your CTY office key and steal one from Scott Dodd's office (and make up some random reason why you need it in your class) and then it won't be stealing

SammiRo10: #9 - drive you hostra and steal sammi's bookshelf

SammiRo10: (she would give it to you if you could carry it)

SammiRo10: #10 - drive to Becca's apartment and steal her bookshelf that DOES NOT contain the journals (that one is too important)

SammiRo10: there you go

Mantec02: hmmm...a few of those options sound good!

Mantec02: thanks !


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