September 13th, 2005

First day of school

my life should be a tv show...

Two great things of the day:

First, a great story:

    Mom came to have lunch with Barbara today and drop some stuff off to me. So, Jess and I met her in the Netherlands Parking lot and i put stuff in my car and I gave her a yearbook to look at. Then I walked her over to the Deli (where she was meeting Barbara) and went to class. Now, she had been joking that she was going to crash my Jewish Studies class which is in Breslin Hall. I informed her that she has no idea where Breslin is and she said she would find it. Anyway, fast foward to 2pm when I'm leaving Jewish studies. So I'm upstairs walking out of Breslin when I hear, "SAM! SAM!" I turn around to find my mother standing there... in Breslin hall... stalking me. Well, not really. She forgot the yearbook in the deli and walked back to get it, however, she got lost and picked a building to go into where she ran into Joey Naps who told her that she was in Breslin. She was about to call me and tell me that she was in Breslin when she stopped my backpack (you can stop me a mile away!). She gave me some Russian chocolate from Barbara and I walked her back to Netherlands. Ahh.. I love my mother. :)

Also, I went into the EU/Concerts office to say hi to David and Dan and I gave them chocolate. David had the best line:

"I'd ask you to have my children, but I know you're not going to spawn." Haha! :)

   Anyway, back to work in the ol' yearbook office. I have another class, an SGA meeting and our staff meeting tonight... someday I'll rest. Until then -- chocolate!