September 6th, 2005

First day of school

My head is sunburned...

             Today was crazy – meeting Michelle and helping her, quick snack break, activities fair (first for pep band and then for yearbook – so hot and I got sunburn!) then to the student center to drop off yearbook stuff and get food, back to the room and finally in the RA office for three hours. I took Tim’s first hour too and did his first set of rounds – all quiet.


            At midnight we celebrated Becky’s birthday… she was surprised. J


            Tomorrow classes start... that means crazy adventures! A long Tuesday is in stall for me… joy.

First day of school

A bit crazed...

            A quick update:


            My classes aren’t bad – everyone and their brother is in Jewish studies with me and the Rabbi rocks, so that class will be awesome. My management 101 guy said he would be late but actually wasn’t and oy. Angela and I spent an hour in a half in the yearbook office which led to the great quote,

Angela: “We should work on deadlines.”

Me: “What?! Ohhhh… DEADlines.”

            We completely lost our minds. It was fun.


            Our RA meeting went on for two hours… I have tons to do and I’m a bit stressed. So, instead of sitting here on the computer and venting I’m going to get to it.