September 4th, 2005

First day of school

the fresh people are here!

            Well, the complex is full of new freshies now and it’s lovely… or crazy, either one. All things considered though, yesterday went pretty well. It started at 6am when I got up and I was at Becky’s by 7am for breakfast. We were all a bit bouncy, but that never hurt anyone. The check-in tables were supposed to be in the Netherlands cafeteria, but the Jets where there. (Darn them! ::shakes fist:J So instead we put them right out the door when you swipe in. Basically out in the sun for 8 ½ hours. Needless to say, I have a lovely tan now.


            Anyway, I switched with Steve to be an “office manager” so I sat at the table all day doing paperwork (as opposed to running back and forth to rooms to go over RCRs with the kids) It went well, but it was hot. I feel bad for the runners, but they did an awesome job. We even had a few people from South come over and help, which rocked.


            Well, by 4:30ish we only had about 18 kids left to check-in and we were all going a little crazy. Miko and Steve attacked everyone with squirt guns and then were put on duty while the rest of us were set free. Jon and I made dinner (hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, French fries, brownies and a pasta salad) which was pretty good. I helped clean up the office too and hung out for a bit.


            At 9pm we had our first house meeting… duh duh duhhhhh! Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Miko and I got through everything and the kids listened. Sort of. After that I walked around and handed out paytech information (phone information) and talked to all the kids. Then I had exactly two minutes to put on a fresh t-shirt and smell nice before heading over to Hofstra USA for the kick-off dance. It was fun! Miko busted a move and I got to see lots of cool people and boogie myself.


            I only stayed until 11:30ish and then I went over to Bill of Rights to see Danielle. We caught up for a bit and then I ran over to South to see Kelsey, Amanda, Corinne and Trisha. I also saw Evan and Logan, who had stopped by from C-Square. It was nice to see them all again.


            So then I return and run into Jill and I say, “Hey, let’s go take a walk around Hague.” Never a smart move if you’re running on four hour of sleep and did check-ins forever. But, that didn’t stop us! Well, Ben and Miko took the upstairs and we all thought we smelled pot and finally we ended up calling public safety on a room downstairs. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. On a positive note: public safety was AMAZING and we had about 9 guys show up. That’s never happened before.


            After that Mark decided that he wanted to bust a party, so we went around to do another set of rounds. Well, Mark didn’t bust up any parties, but he did barge in on a sleepover, which was hilarious. We stopped by Becky’s for doughnuts and then collapse.


            And now, here I sit. But not in the yearbook office as usual, in the RA office! J Steve is on the couch watching “Men in Black” and I’m typing away at the computer. I’m on check-ins until noon and then I’m free – thank goodness! I’m sure this will be another fun-filled day of freshman adventures!


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