August 29th, 2005

First day of school

I'm learning to cook!

            I always seem to lose track of days when I don’t really have anything to do. It’s crazy that way.


            I got up, showered and returned to school around noonish. Then Adam and I went on our crazy adventures! The mall, Target, Best Buy, Stop and Shop just to name a few places! We bought all kinds of fun things (including most of my holiday gifts – I know, I’m crazy). It was a great time! We returned back to school and Adam set up the newest AIM for me, which I’m still trying to use.


            Then my parents called and came to drop off a cookie and veggie platter from the party that they were at, so they got to meet some of the staff and then they saw my room. Then Tim, Jon and I headed over to Pathmark and got food to cook dinner. We made chicken parm, lasagna, noodles and garlic bread! A crazy adventures, but the end result was delicious! We all sat around and watched the MTV VMAs too. Around 9ish we headed over to the Garden City bowl and played two games – good times had by all.


            Now here I sit with tons of paperwork to do, but I’m putting it all off. Our new RA is coming tonight (I can’t spell her name) around 1ish, so we’re all going to go help her and meet her. Tomorrow I’m getting tons of stuff done, meeting Rob for lunch around 1ish and I’m on check-in duty from 5:30-9:30. A day full of adventures indeed! J