August 27th, 2005

First day of school

My doortags are up! :)

            Okay, well, I haven’t done a real update in ages because I just haven’t had the time! J For all of those who don’t know – I moved into my dorm room last Sunday in Hague house (same house that I lived in during freshman year). My room is wonderful and it’s all set up now (thanks to Dave and his dad bringing the couches here on Wednesday). I’ll have to take some pictures and get them online to show off. I’m also living with Amy from south for the week – I don’t see her much, but she’s awesome. J


            Anyway, training went well – it was tiring, but fun. My staff is AMAZING! I love them all! My co, Miko, is also amazing! He loves musicals too! Woo! When we did RCR’s we turned on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack really loudly (so that you could hear it in every room upstairs) and sang – wonderful! Becky (my RD) and Mark (my SRA) are amazing too – I love the whole staff! But I digress, training went well. We had some awesome speakers, fun games and behind closed doors was great today (we were the “party” room!). We also won the “Most Spirited” award tonight which came with a toy and a pizza party! Woo!


            Basically I’ve spent the week with RA training and paperwork. There have been door tags, signs, paperwork, and madness as usual, but I’ve enjoyed it all. All in all, a wonderful week. I am excited to catch up on my sleep though. J

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