August 23rd, 2005

First day of school

another update from the yearbook office...

So we still have no internet (they said hopefully by Friday) and now I sit in the yearbook office (that's nothing out of the ordinary). I don't have that much time before dinner, but I wanted to check my e-mail and chat with a few people. Now for the updates in Sammi's life:

- Mark Denny thinks I lost a lot of weight -- I think I just got a tan.

- My room is set up (it's just missing the couches) and it looks AMAZING! :)

- RCRs might kill me -- so detailed! Arg!

- I decorated my door last night and it looks awesome! (Duct tape mania!)

- My co-RA (Miko) rocks! :)

- My whole staff is pretty awesome actually

- There's a sprinkler system in my closet, so in case of fire, my clothes will be saved. Thank goodness.

- Training is long, but not that bad.


 Okay, I'm out of things to write about right now, but you have the basic idea. I'll be on and off until we get our internet hooked up, but if you  need me, just call. :) Hope all is well with everyone!