August 17th, 2005

First day of school

packages are amazing!

My hubby (Alex) and Matt W. crack me up J


First, Matt W.:


SammiRo: YES!!!

Auto response from chU c K ie2: and to alex's lovely wife: I have received your gift and am now completely equippd for... gnome-ing?

SammiRo: you are amazing

SammiRo: great away message


And my hubby:


SammiRo: did you see matt's away message?

Alexjanderam: I did

Alexjanderam: but you missed mine

SammiRo: what was yours?!

Alexjanderam: I don't remember.

Alexjanderam: but it had to do with the fact that I got your package

SammiRo: you got my package?

Alexjanderam: I put it up twice in hopes that you'd see it

SammiRo: you were supposed to e-mail or call me!

Alexjanderam: I did

Alexjanderam: I was waiting for you to come online!

Alexjanderam: I don't like email!

SammiRo: i was gone all day saving the world

Alexjanderam: apparently

SammiRo: it was hard work

Alexjanderam: well, well done.

SammiRo: what was your away message?

SammiRo: and did you like your package?

Alexjanderam: I loved my package

Alexjanderam: ha ha, so yeah! thank you!

Alexjanderam: that's what I was getting at

SammiRo: haha  good

Alexjanderam: I think my away message was something like "to my lovely wife: I am now completely outfitted and ready to go honeymoon it hardcore in kenya.  I will see you there.  bring lions."

SammiRo: haha! fantastic!

Alexjanderam: which is why matt w's message was "to alex's lovely wife"

SammiRo: i'm a lovely wife

Alexjanderam: that you are

SammiRo: oh, did you get the pictures too?

SammiRo: they were in the box

Alexjanderam: ....

Alexjanderam: no

Alexjanderam: what?

Alexjanderam: ah ha!

Alexjanderam: one moment

SammiRo: there you go

Alexjanderam: ha ha ha

Alexjanderam: I love the one of you and I

SammiRo: you're making a wonderful face

Alexjanderam: that's one word for it


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