August 15th, 2005

First day of school

Soho Cupcake Co. = wonderful!

So, today was a lovely day. I got up and got ready, ran to the post office to mail off tons of packages (I mailed my husband a present, I sent the traveling gnome to Matt W., mailed out Kim’s birthday gift and sent some letters off) and then I took a train into the city. Why you might ask? Well, I met up with Jess! We had such a fun day!


            First we met up in Penn station and wandered over to B&H photo because she needed a new memory card. Now, if you have never been to B&H I like to describe it as Santa’s workshop, but with Jews. It’s really neat! We got her memory card and then went on our way. Next stop was taking the subway uptown to the Soho Cupcake Co. We found it pretty easily and went inside. Now, this was one of the hardest choices of the day – which cupcakes to get? Finally we decided on an Oreo, Brownie Sundae, and Soho. We sat down and looked at pictures and just talked while we enjoyed our cupcakes. Wonderful indeed!


            Afterwards we wandered around for a bit and stopped at one point to buy 20 postcards for $1. What could we possibly due with 20 postcards? Well, we wrote them out and are going to mail them out to CTYers of course! But, before we wrote them out we decided to hit up the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) because Jess had a free pass thing. So, we got there and wandered around. The only sad part was that the outdoor garden was closed because it was raining, but that didn’t stop our fun. We started at photography and then wandered around modern art. It was lovely! After we had enough wandering we sat down and wrote out the postcards in front of some strange paintings. The museum closed at 5:30, so we took a cab back to Penn station, wandered for a bit more and then I bid farewell to Jess. I took the 6:21 planning on getting home at 7:15, but there was a delay, so I got home at 7:50 instead. Oh well!


            And now here I am back in my room getting stuff done. Tomorrow is a busy day, but once again full of adventures! J

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