August 12th, 2005

First day of school

Alex saves the day!

            Well, I had a whole rant for my live journal, but it wasn’t very good. So, I deleted it and planned on not posting tonight. But, my husband has been amazing once again and now I must post this:


Alexjanderam: so wife.  I just wanted you to know.  I'm going skydiving on sunday.  and if I should perish.  I am leaving my 80's outfit to you.  complete with pandemonium glasses.

SammiRo: woohoo! I mean, ohhh

Alexjanderam: no no, you should be excited

SammiRo: but you might die

Alexjanderam: pandemonium glasses, I mean, you should be pulling for my death

SammiRo: i'd be a widow

SammiRo: true, those are awesome

Alexjanderam: those were highly coveted

Alexjanderam: I didn't even know it until I lent them to chris

Alexjanderam: and my hall flipped out

SammiRo: i need a pair for my freshman

Alexjanderam: and he went around bragging to everyone, my guys and others about how he had them

SammiRo: ohh... then i do want them!

Alexjanderam: oh man.  so next june a friend of mine from school and his dad are going to climb mt. rainier.

Alexjanderam: and I think in honor of that, I'm going to stop trimming the beard in early winter.

Alexjanderam: so I have a huge sweet beard just in time for the summit.

SammiRo: how is that in honor of that?

Alexjanderam: I don't know.  all people who take pictures at the summits of big mountains have big beards

SammiRo10: that would be an awesome thing to beard people with

Alexjanderam: it's just... the law.

Alexjanderam: oh yes it would.

Alexjanderam: I really want to do it!

Alexjanderam: I want a huge beard!

SammiRo: so do it!

Alexjanderam: BA! it's settled.

SammiRo: if anyone can, you can

Alexjanderam: I appreciate your confidence

SammiRo: i want pictures

SammiRo: or to be bearded

Alexjanderam: I think I have decent facial hair abilities for my age group.  so I feel it's my duty as a beard grower

SammiRo: you're very right


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