August 8th, 2005

First day of school

I hope you had the time of your life...

            So, there’s this place called the SoHo Cupcake Co. and you get to frost and decorate your own cupcakes. I told Jess and she said:

Jessica5256: i wonder if they have a limit on toppings...

Jessica5256: we have to plan this, i think

Jessica5256: like, not eat all day

Jessica5256: and then have room for trying six different cupcakes

Jessica5256: yessss

            I found the website. We’re all set now. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I’ve been taken over by cupcakes.


            Anyway, today was great fun – first I woke up in my OWN bed! Amazing. Simply amazing. I had breakfast and such and Jillian came over around 12:30. We hung out and caught up and then went swimming for a bit, which was great. After she left Mom and I went to the mall and I bought tons of things! A new outfit (shirt and really nifty skirt), a new portable phone, a new comforter, some girlie items, face wipes and a promish dress. We have a bat mitzvah coming up in October and it’s apparently the biggest event this year, so I am now the owner of a beautiful dress. I need to get at least three more wears out of it, so everyone have formal occasions so I can wear my dress!


            Then I returned home and ate dinner. Afterwards I watched “The Day After Tomorrow,” which was eh. Nothing that major. Then I unpacked my big CTY bag and repacked it for school. My room is still a mess, but it’s a work in progress. I’m definitely getting better. I’ve spent the past hour or so talking online with tons of amazing people. Life is good. J  

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First day of school

I love my husband so much!

SammiRo: we have rings! you have one too!
SammiRo: unless you lost it... lol
Alexjanderam: ...
Alexjanderam: I didn't lose it.... I sent it away to be bronzed
Alexjanderam: no gold....ed.
SammiRo: you totally lost it!
Alexjanderam: NO!
Alexjanderam: MAYBE!
SammiRo: yes!
Alexjanderam: OK I THINK I DID!
SammiRo: it's okay
SammiRo: as long as you have our love in your heart, we can survive lol
SammiRo: wow, that's good. i should write for hallmark
Alexjanderam: that sounds more like something you say while you're on a survival raft at sea about to eat the other person
Alexjanderam: but hallmark works too.
SammiRo: alex, i love you. you crack me up
Alexjanderam: we should get married
Alexjanderam: wait!  oh man.  we're too good.
SammiRo: we're amazing!
First day of school

Where does one find a safari hat?

Jeremy Grey: That glass looks half full to me, John.
John Beckwith: It is half full.


            I just saw “The Wedding Crashers.” It was funny, odd, but funny. Great cast too. We hit up Applebee’s too and got dessert. I saw Dana Lin who cracks me up. J A fun night indeed.


            Another thing that made my night - I made Alex’s profile with this:


SammiRo10: he asked about a honeymoon

SammiRo10: kenya?

Alexjanderama: kenya?

SammiRo10: i like kenya

Alexjanderama: I have no safari hat.


            Clearly you know that this means I have to buy him a safari hat. J

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