August 6th, 2005

First day of school

From Katie :)

Your Hidden Talent
Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
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First day of school

Yeah, this is long. It's the last days of CTY!

            Okay, so I know I didn’t update yesterday, but I’ll do it now: 



            So, yesterday was my last full day at CTY. The morning was normal – shower, get dressed, get the girls up, and breakfast. Our normal routine is that after breakfast we all go downstairs into the Cove so the girls can use the bathroom and whatever. Well, instructors and TAs wander through to go to breakfast and I always shout good morning. Then it hit me! Why don’t I have the girls shout too? So, whenever anyone walked through I shouted “Good morning (fill in the name here)” and the girls repeated. Then I would shout something like, “You’re amazing! We love you! Have a great day!” and again they repeated. It was AMAZING! We did it to everyone who walked in! Then we went outside for hand-off and did it to everyone out there! All the RAs, the administration who were there and finally the instructors came back so we all shouted. Again, pure AMAZING! Anyway, I dropped the girls off and went to the RA meeting. It was pretty quick, we all went around and said what were going to miss and if we were going to miss our kids, etc. Husband drew me a lovely picture too. It’s beautiful and I have to hang it up. Hehe… so then I went over to the office and Beth, Sarah and I went over and picked up the car wash stuff (it was drying) and Kim and Jess joined us and we brought it back to the office. Jess had some packages to mail, so we brought them over to the post office place and then went into the bookstore (this was Beth, me, Kim, and Charissa). I <3 the bookstore. J I bought a traveling gnome to travel amongst the RAs. We named it Llama Emu. I have to go get a little notebook to mail around with so everyone can write down its story.


            Anyway, Kim and I ran back to the dorm and had about 20 minutes before we had to pick up the girls. We headed over to Washington Square around 11ish (with a few parents) and waited for the girls. After I had all mine I went back to the dorm and started checking people out. By 12:15 I had everyone but Ariel checked out (her mom was coming in a bit) so Kim took her to lunch and I hung out. They brought me back some food just as Ariel’s mom arrived. It all worked out pretty well. They packed and checked out and we went to closing ceremonies. Joe made his usual speech and Matt, Jess and Charissa did a wonderful job on the slideshow (I now own a copy of it too! Woohoo! Matt rocks!) Afterwards I went to the office for a while and handed in my keys, got my staff yearbook (it’s amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I made it), and read my evals. Five out of seven girls called me “Mom,” always fun. Otherwise they were good. I hung out for a bit and then went back and finally started packing! It was amazing. I packed for about two hours and had a large chunk done. At 5:30 we all headed over to the “fancy dinner” which just included better food. Joe showed up his slideshow too, which was really funny, but as usual went too fast. Oh well, we still love him. Vanessa and Andrew were leaving, so we took tons of pictures and then headed out.


            At 7:15 we gathered a gang to go to the movies – me, Kim, Jess, Charissa, Laura, Sarah, Matt, and David. Now the funny part about the guys coming was that was saw “Must Love Dogs.” Matt wanted to kill us. However, about 10 minutes into the movie we all wanted to run away. It was awful. They had a few good jobs, but otherwise, oy. We did however have a great time making fun of it and Kim and David were throwing food at us. Always an adventure. After the movie we went over to Superfresh and got a few snacks (including both chocolate and vanilla frosting). In the parking lot going back the cars Kim, Laura and I decided it would be fun to blow our whistles… except we sort of angered some townies and had to run away.


            Back at school we all changed and then went to play the last game of Arena ball for the season. Amazing as usual, and we played in the light! I was on a team of Laura Judd (I didn’t have to guard her! Yes!), Becca, and Will Jordan. I’m not sure who won, but we all had fun. Becca also gave me the ball today -it survived all six weeks. It’s beaten up, but still good. We played until 11:45ish and then Laura, Matt and I ran to the apartments to grab some BACO t-shirts and then went over to my triple to have our “junk food bash” – basically everyone brought all the snack food that they had and we pigged out. A wonderful time indeed. We ended up with a whole group too – me, Kim, Jess, Matt, Laura, Allie, Alex, Kelly, Beth, Jenny, and David. It was fun and we all ate TONS of candy. We started to break up around 12:30ish but Kim wanted to say goodbye to some of the instructional staff, so a bunch of us headed to the apartments for a bit. We were only there for a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the chaos, but the people from the bar came back and Chuck was chasing Amanda and I’m not really sure what else was going on. Something about swimming… never good. Kim, Beth and I went back to the dorms and talked for a while and then finally went to sleep. I won’t tell you what time.


            Today I woke up at 7:30 to say goodbye to Kim and take her key (I’ll see her soon!) and then went back to sleep. At 8:30 I showered and finished packing and Dad came at 10am to pack the car. We went to brunch and hung out and then said goodbye to everyone. We’re planning all getting together (everyone’s coming to NY! YES! Hehe) and I went and helped Dad load his stuff. It took a while because he still had to pack a bit, so I hung out with Becca and helped her and then helped Dad. We said goodbye to the apartments and everyone there and went over the office. I dropped off my keys and then went around saying goodbye. Joe said goodbye with, “You should apply to be an SRA next year.” Gotta love him. Anyway, we finally ended up getting on the road at 11:50, which is a bit later than we planned, but still okay.


            The ride home took a while… several hours in fact. I went a bit crazy by the end because I was really hungry, but we made it! Once we got home I ate, we moved stuff inside, started laundry, I watched some tv, we had dinner, and then I spent the evening unpacking and repacking for school. I’m determined to pack the big black bag tomorrow! (That’s my goal at least). I did pretty well though for tonight, but I still have a lot to do. Jillian’s coming to visit tomorrow too, which will be fun. We’ll tell crazy stories and catch up. J


            So, once again here I sit. But this time I’m on my bedroom floor. No children. No big buggies. No Kim down the hallway. Just Mom and Dad in the room next door. Back to the good ol’ dale. J

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First day of school

What I love about CTY:

The staff, not so much the kids, donut runs, kayaking adventures, bandanas, mummichogs written all over everything, frosting madness, water balloon attacks, Dover trips, trips to Sam’s, Andrew being cookie man, crazy clothes from Roses, sleeping in cars and on couches and everywhere basically, Garrett’s hair, Green Glowing Kids, Vanessa and taking class pictures, funky hair funky dance, the dollar store, the Carnival, Alex and Allie trying to fit into one kayak, Annapolis, orange hair dye, my husband being his crazy self, bowling, going to the tea room, Bob and Edwardo, the 80’s dance, Sarah’s “gifted” children, Casino night, BAWLS jokes, Kim and I trying not to kill our children, Mrs. Field’s cookies, labeling things, Alex K not talking, Barbie drop, Harry Potter madness, Aaron talking about comic books, face painting, Big Booty, Beth being amazing and squirt gun fights, hanging out with us during rounds, the hamster dance, corn, Betterton, Laura’s accent, the dances,  X-treme Musikal Chairz, Quidditch, Alex’s crazy hair styles, Jess and her frosting addiction, Catch Phrase, Sponge Dodgeball, Amanda’s mail runs, finger-painting, Arena ball, seeing Batman Begins,  spiking Matt’s hair, costume dance, Brendan and his cones full of sprinkles, being handcuffed to Garrett for dinner, smoothies from Sam’s, slowing dancing at all the dances, Cruise ship, the Amish at Betterton, jumping up and down to Ocean Avenue, Braveheart, Lauren Bobstier, the amazingness that is Jess and Sammi, the formal dance, Hogsmeade, street art, breaking into triples to hang out, knocking on Matt’s window at all hours of the night, packages from my Mom that rock, crazy hair dying, kickball, Jenny coming to my events, knowing all the words to “American Pie,” post card making, attacks from ninjas, the uber cool RAs, Orbit ball, Aquarium trips to Baltimore, Wal-Mart in Dover, Kupe and talking about Broadway, wax museum, having my girls dress Beth and I up, Roses, the Rockstar RA award, girls sneaking around with cookies, Harry Potter Uno, Will’s craziness, Ninja Turtles, Colie always laughing, the Maze game, leading the kids to water day with Matty talking in a funny accent, Survivor with weasel and spork, spinning around and around at the dances, Allie and her cookies, Talent Show MCing, Matty H’s fantasmic Mr. Roboto, rocks falling on my head, that amazing fudge, charades,  skits where I fall down, X-treme cheerleading, Joe trying to get us to use his volleyball net, the yearbook, days off, Love Shack dance, Matt W. and his photo obsession, sprinkles, the pajama jammy jam, David playing his guitar, seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, attacking small children with my squirt guns, Matt and David singing “You and Me,” trips to Superfresh, Pi day, Starling Wing, Alex trying on tons of goofy hats, hanging out in the game room, Chuck calling his kids “BACO bits,” Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, scaring Holly with my diseases, people not knowing that I’m Bob’s daughter, letter writing, girlie cupcake parties, RA naptime, Alex’s hats, Sammidore, trying to make David’s DVD player work, duct taping Josh several times and dropping him, tickling attacks, Becca and her rockstarness, hose attacks, Wesley Fogg day, being “bearded,” cupcakes,  changing identities for the day, Jess getting locked out of her dressing room door a lot, crocs, RA sleep-in day, Instructional staff vs. RAs games, adventures with yarn, Llamas, pretending to help with a Jewish service, monkey bread, Story time with David and Sammi, Emus, watching Muriel’s TV, birthdays, Gnomes, seeing “Must Love Dogs,” the story game, blowing whistles, Ultimate Frisbee, going to the beach at night, naming everything Milton, Rat screw, Army Navy, GMA, Sunday Night Movie, spelling out CTY/GMA/whatever we tried, lights-out, “We’re not gifted we just work here…”



This could go on for years. Basically, I loved it all. J

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