August 4th, 2005

First day of school

sorry no update yesterday...

            Yes, I know I haven’t updated in two days. I’ve been dead, but I’m getting better. Basically my fever went up to 101.9 yesterday around 4pm and I passed out. I slept on and off until about 10am this morning when Kim, Matty, and Laura came to check and me and make me move. I moved around a bit and then passed out again. Around 5ish Dad and I went to a doctor in Delaware who told me that my fever was gone and that I didn’t have strep, so we stopped at the dollar store to get juice and gifts for the girls and then I went to the dance for a bit. It seemed like I was a celebrity because the second I walked in everyone came running up to me! It was so funny! I hung out at the dance for about half an hour and danced with Dad and then danced with everyone to “American Pie.”


             However, at the end of the dance Kim and I had 16 crying girls, which is never good. So, we brought them all back and sat them down and told me some of the crazy adventures that we’ve had to help them calm down. Now they’re all sleeping in the triple so that makes it easier to watch them. Tomorrow they leave us and tomorrow is my last night in Chestertown. I’m going to miss everyone, but there are already road trips planned. J


            I’m going to go pass out again.